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Jan Benadé

Johannes Benadé

Managing Director

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About Johannes

Johannes has been involved in training for over 30 years, starting in 1983 with in-service-training of apprentices and further development of fitter artisans at the Sasol Training Center. In 1988 he was delegated to a MIMS Project team with the mandate to design and develop a full training program with materials for doing MIMS (Mincom Information Management Systems) Training.

After 4 years as Computer Systems Coordinator (MIMS), he and his family relocated to Mossel Bay where he accepted a position as Fitter Foreman at Mossgas. In 1995 he became a Trainer and Training Co-ordinator involved in the design and development of Material Handling Vehicle Operator training material, as well as facilitating and assessing training in operating lift trucks and cranes.

In 2003, Johannes was an Internal CHIETA Constituent Moderator and project leader at the PetroSA Center of Excellence in designing and the development of training materials for mechanical, rigging, welding, and boiler making trades, i.e. Trainer-, Learner- and Assessment Guides per trade mentioned. The result of these and the condition of the final workshops was of such high quality that they could obtain full accreditation with the CHIETA in 2001.

In the next 12 years, Johannes worked as Training Superintendent accredited with the Transport Education Training Authority as Assessor and Moderator, where he managed a team of reliability and engineering trainers, responsible for electrical, control systems, mechanical, workshop services and lifting machine operator training. This included reliability and engineering services both onshore and offshore (FA Platform and ORCA). In 2016, Johannes retired and became a consultant in Human Resource Development (B-Tech HRD Honours Cum Laude).

About Karen

Karen is a strong Entrepreneur and experienced Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the accounting industry. She is skilled in Management, Microsoft Word, Strategic Planning, Public Speaking, and Marketing.

Starting as a sales assistant and later going into tourism sales, Karen realized that she was more interested in the sales rep department where she could be more involved in people relations. As a stationery sales rep, she gained valuable experience in client & market relations, social skills, and entrepreneurship. Later she entered the financial industry and became a freelance bookkeeper and managed administrative projects for various companies.

Working from home gave her more free time to assist her kids' school in sports and gave chess classes to over 250 pupils. Additionally, she assisted the school in various duties and event planning for chess tournaments. Assisting in school awakened a passion for the needs of the parents. She discovered gaps for especially English learners in this area. With limited school placement availability and also for learners that could not attend school, she realized the need for a system to address this gap and inspired the founding of CMSH, with the assistance of her father, Jan Benadé.

Amanda Benadé

Amanda Benadé

Marketing & Placement Manager

[email protected]

+27 (0)83 741 1310


About Amanda

Apart from her involvement in CMSH, Amanda is a final year student in Computer Science with the US-based University of the People, as well as a skilled Full Stack Web Developer with over 20 years experience which includes Tourism Marketing, Internet Marketing and Graphic Design.

During the last semester of 1996, Amanda started working as a waitress at Saddles during the evenings while volunteering as a pre-school teacher at the Abana Pre-School during the day. While studying web development part-time though online training centers, she gained experience in IT, management, sales, and tourism. In 2000 she started her freelance career in Web Development and was involved in various collaboration projects, as well as voluntary mentoring to individuals with economic or physical disadvantages.

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