Conscious Mind Study Hub


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KAREN: 082 521 8469

Our Vision

We are a resource study hub for the family of God servicing working Christian parents in their duty of educating their children. We see our services to parents as an extension of their God-ordained loving nature and discipline of their children. We see the service we render to bring a safe and controlled online environment as a crucial need in today’s virtual internet reality.

Our Mission

The mission of CMSH is to build a better future for Mossel Bay and surrounding areas. We fulfill our mission by hosting internet-connected workstations with the specific purpose of making virtual online classrooms available to all learners, preparing competent, committed, and reflective learners as we facilitate access to outstanding high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education.

Our Core Values

Spiritual Development: We provide a safe, nurturing, and Christ-centered learning environment.

Academic Excellence: The quality of excelling, of being truly the best at hosting a study hub where we provide students of all ages with computers equipped with a webcam and an internet connection. Our services include access to live interactive virtual classrooms from the comfort of our study hub allowing learners access to quality education.


Tolerance and Respect: Respecting the values, ideas and beliefs of others whilst not imposing our own onto others.


Social Consciousness: We seek to prepare students to be contributing and productive members of society.


Community Collaboration: We commit our community aim of seeing each child succeed to the greatest of his or her abilities. We believe education is a collaborative effort among teachers, students, their families and the community.


Positive Self-Concept: To help students we work with develop a Christ-centered positive self-concept – who we think we are, the picture we have of ourselves, plus the picture we think others have of us.