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Virtual Classroom Fees

As the parent / student bears the cost of registration and enrollment with an online/virtual school / college provider of choice, our prices cover cost per workstation only. Our prices are attractive to parents for we are market related.

For online/virtual schooling each computer workstation is available at R12.99 per hour. With our fee calculations we allow for an average of 141.4 hours per month per learner. Calculation is done for each learner to do online/virtual schooling for 6.5 hours per day, Monday to Friday starting at 07h30 until 14h00 each day.

Learner(s) Per Day Per Month Per Quarter Per Year
1st Child R 90.00 R 1,463.00 R 4,388.00 R 17,550.00
2nd Child R 80.00 R 1,300.00 R 3,900.00 R 15,600.00
3rd Child R 60.00 R 975.00 R 2,925.00 R 11,700.00

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Coming Soon: Computer Training Schedule For 2021

Our training schedule and prices will be available soon.

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